Sunday, January 28, 2007

Catholic Schools Week; New Heating and Cooling System

Today we begin the celebration of Catholic Schools Week. The 9:30 a.m. Mass today also celebrates the 65th anniversary of St. Bernard School and gives us the opportunity to recognize the success of our parish school. A great number of young people have been set on the right road of life by their education and formation in our school. We thank all who have contributed to that success and invite alumni, parishioners and all friends of St Bernard School to support our efforts to provide a quality Catholic education to the present and future young people of this area.

The installation of the new heating and cooling system for the church has been completed at a cost of $56,000. Three bids were received. One was selected and approved by the parish finance council and the Archdiocese. The parish, of course, is responsible for the payment of the cost. Work is going on in the church presently to repair the damage done by the seeping of water from the old air conditioning units and roof leaks. Most of the cost of this will be covered by our insurance.

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