Saturday, July 7, 2007

Father Paul's Musings

It is an honor and privilege to serve the Lord and the community of St. Bernard while Fr. McSorley is on vacation.

You’ve heard the saying, “When the cat is away, the mice shall play.” The ordinary person understands this to mean that it’s time to party, to let loose, or to be mischievous. Not so at St. Bernard. As you've noticed, the rectory and church are being repaired and painted. Years of pine needles that have collected in the gutters are being cleared out and painted. The internal walls now offer a contrasting view to the red bricks. The rectory’s new coat of paint sets the standard for a cleaner and brighter neighborhood.

I’d like to thank all those workers of the Lord’s vineyard who help to make this possible, especially you who give so generously to St. Bernard.

Remember, God is never outdone in generosity, so give back to Him by supporting the Church, the missions, and seminaries.

— Rev. Paul Henson, O. Carm.

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