Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today, the church celebrates the feast of the Holy Family at Nazareth — the family of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.

It was undoubtedly a family and home of love, peace and filled with a profound sense of God’s presence and plan. The Holy Family is thus presented as an example and inspiration to all Christian families.

Christmas is a time when our families celebrate being and experience a deeper sense of belonging. May this spirit carry over to the rest of the year and may all our families continue to grow in love and peace. Parents have the privilege and responsibility to provide a home where children experience love and affirmation as they grow into adulthood. Children initiate what they have learned at home. If they grow up learning the importance of prayer, of sharing and of caring, they will in turn make good parents. Let us all pray for a strong family life in our society. God bless and protect all our families.

Sincere thanks to all who helped us prepare for and celebrate the Christmas season. This list includes the priests, sisters, parish staff and volunteers, the Eucharistic Ministers, lectors, altar servers, the Altar Society, the ushers, the choirs and musicians, the collection counting teams, the various parish groups including the St. Vincent de Paul Society and you our parishioners.

May God bless you for your generous spirit and may you all have a happy and healthy 2008.

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