Sunday, April 19, 2009

Parish income, expenditures

Thank you to all who contributed financially to St. Bernard Church. Your contributions are offerings to God and enable St. Bernard Church to continue its mission to our community. I encourage our parishioners to register at the church office and to contribute regularly through the parish envelope system.

The following is the St. Bernard Church income and expenditures for the first two months of this year and for thecorresponding months of last year.


January 2008: $34,279
January 2009: $37,885

February 2008: $33,088
February 2009: $39,213


January 2008: $52,024
January 2009: $38,656

February 2008: $43,763
February 2009: $43,495

These figures have been provided to me by Eva Perlas, the parish bookkeeper.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A very happy Easter to all

May the Risen Lord extend to you and your families his peace and his blessings. As we celebrate the feast of new life, I pray that each of us berenewed in our faith and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. In Him and through Him we find our joy and strength. A warm welcome to those visitors with us today for Mass and to family members home for Easter!

Sincere thanks to all who have helped us observe Holy Week and celebrate Easter. Our parish community is blessed to have so many wonderful members who give of themselves in service. A special word of thanks to the priests who help us, to the Altar Society, the Liturgy Committee, all the Liturgical Ministers, the Altar Servers, the eighth grade students of our school, Sister Joan Maga, the choirs, the youth ministry group, Martin Villa, the Knights of Columbus, and all who have helped to prepare and decorate the church for Easter. We are indebted to you! My thanks also to those who have been generous in their financial support.

May God bless you.


St. Bernard School will have a new principal for the coming school year. She is Margaret Samaniego. She has an excellent background in Catholic education and for the past four years has worked at the Catholic Schools Department of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, where she has been coordinator of curricular programs.

Sister Joan Maga, Ms. Krajewski, Ms. Osuch, and Ms. Cortes have informed me that they will not be returning to the faculty next year. The Department of Catholic Schools and Mrs. Samaniego are currently accepting applications for teaching positions at St. Bernard School for the coming year. Applications can be made at I expect that we will have at least one male teacher on the faculty for the coming school year. Registration of new students is currently being taken. Some partial scholarships are available for families who qualify. Investing in the education of your children or grandchildren at St. Bernard School will give them an advantage for life.