Friday, November 20, 2009

Christ the King

On the final Sunday of the liturgical year we celebrate the feast of Christ the King. It’s easy to understand today’s scriptures as events that happened long ago and far away, or predictions that will come true somewhere, some day. But they invite us to claim Christ as our King here and now. Jesus’ words to Pilate in the Gospel remind us that his kingdom transcends time and place. And the prophecies from Daniel and Revelation give us reason to be faithful to Christ our King right here and right now.

By concluding the year with this feast we are proclaiming our faith that Jesus Christ is the one and only King over all seasons, all peoples, and all of creation. No matter what nation we belong to or what language we speak, he “has made us into a kingdom.” (Revelation 1:6) — one people united in love and peace for all eternity.

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