Sunday, April 18, 2010

Namesakes of Christ

On Palm Sunday we heard in Paul’s letter to the Philippians that all things in heaven, on earth, and under the earth must bend their knee at the name of Jesus. That name comes back in today’s first reading.

The Sanhedrin, whom we heard about just a few short weeks ago in the reading of the Passion, are again confronted by Jesus in his name being proclaimed by the apostles. Peter and the others refuse to bend their knee to the authority of the Sanhedrin and stop teaching in the name of Christ. In fact, they rejoice that they have been persecuted for doing so.

Do we turn to those first brave followers when we are called upon to give witness to the name of Christ in our name “Christian” day by day? When we must stand against, challenge, or confront forces that counter the gospel of justice, peace, joy, and beauty, do we give witness with no less than the Holy Spirit, or do we remain silent? Do we genuinely give honor to the name of Jesus by being his namesakes in the world today?

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