Sunday, August 15, 2010

Special collection for Pallottine Missions

Next weekend, Father Denis O’Brien, SCA, an Irish Pallottine missionary priest, will visit our parish and share a few thoughts about the Pallottine Missions in East Africa where he has worked for a number of years. A special collection will be taken up at all the Masses to help support the Pallottine Missions in Tanzania and Kenya, east Africa.

Over the past 69 years, with the aid of donors, the Pallottine Fathers have helped build 25 churches, 56 primary schools and three vocational colleges. Together they have helped to educate 250,000 children. They have also established two hospitals and 31 dispensaries. Your financial help, support and prayers will be deeply appreciated by the Pallottines, their co-workers and the beautiful people they serve.

This appeal is assigned by the Mission Office of our archdiocese. Special envelopes are in the pews.

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