Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daily Lenten inspiration, March 12, 2011 (Saturday after Ash Wednesday)

Transcript of homily recorded on March 12, 2011

By Monsignor Gerald McSorley

Here in our Gospel, we have been told of Jesus calling someone, calling someone to follow him. And that someone was a man named Levi, later known as Matthew. And the call was to leave his position as a tax collector and to go with Jesus. And we're told that leaving everything, Levi, or Matthew, followed Jesus. Levi, or Matthew, became one of the apostles and a writer of one of the Gospels.

And so Matthew heard Jesus, and he heard him in his heart, and he responded to that call of Jesus and went with Jesus, and thereafter his whole life became centered on Jesus.

This Gospel speaks to us of how Jesus also calls us. He calls us to follow him, to be his disciple, to listen to him and to love him, to serve him and to witness to him to others. And Jesus calls us in many different ways from the cross. In the midst if his suffering, Jesus has called us to follow him. In our baptism, Jesus has called us to follow him. And from the statue behind the altar here, Jesus is calling us this morning to follow him. And from the Eucharist, this morning, Jesus is calling us to follow him. And what will be our response? Hopefully, our response will be that during this time of Lent we are going to follow Jesus more faithfully, pay more attention to his teachings, put into practice what he asks us to do to love one another, to be compassionate, to be forgiving, to repent of our sins, and to turn to God's mercy.

So let's hear the invitation that Jesus gives as he gave to Matthew: "Come, follow me." May our response be a resounding "Yes!"

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