Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daily Lenten inspiration, March 15, 2011 (Tuesday of the First Week of Lent)

Transcript of homily recorded on Tuesday, March 15, 2011

By Monsignor Gerald McSorley

In spring time, nature blossoms forth assisted, of course, by the rain and the sunshine; nature blossoms forth with flowers and plants and trees bearing blossoms and so forth. Nature comes alive.

In today's first reading, we heard from the prophet speaking on behalf of God saying how the rain and the snow comes down from heaven and causes growth here on earth and so it is fruitful, and so God says my word also is to come down and it is to bear fruit here on earth. That is God's plan and God's hope that his love his teachings, his care for us is going to produce fruit, an abundant fruit in our lives.

And in baptism, God's word, the seed of God's life, was planted within us. And that seed is to grow and produce fruit in our lives, the fruit of good works, the fruit of being faithful disciples of Jesus. And that seed or that word of God, that life of God that has been planted within us, is to be nourished by God's grace that comes to us especially in the sacraments and most especially in the Eucharist, but are also nourished by prayer. In the Gospel, Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray, and the Our Father is very familiar to us, of course, as the prayer that Jesus has left us as an example of how we should pray; therefore, we are to seek that God's will be done here on earth, that glory be given to God by our lives and that, as we ask forgiveness form our heavenly father, we are also to extend forgiveness to one another.

So during these weeks of Lent, it is certainly God's plan, and let it be our plan also, that our lives will bear more abundant fruit, that we will grow spiritually, that God's life, God's word, becomes more alive in our lives and in our actions and in our thoughts and in all of our deeds. So these are weeks of grace and, hopefully for all of us, weeks of spiritual growth, too.

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