Saturday, July 9, 2011

Creation awaits

It is easy to get discouraged. It is easy to bedistracted by difficulties and duties in our daily lives. It is possible for the word to be snatched away, even as we struggle to understand. Distractions of every kind prevent the word from being heard.

But Isaiah and Paul underline the important point that the word of God is effective in all of creation, including us. Just as the rain waters the earth and will not return to the heavens until it does its intended work, the earth yields its rich harvest and rejoices.

Our sufferings, distractions, and wearying work will not prevent us from hearing the word of God and doing God’s work if we see with our eyes the beauty of creation, hear with our ears the music of the universe, and understand with our heart that God has made all of this to help us.

God heals every ill, calls us back from distraction, protects us from evil, and gives us the grace to hear the word with joy. It is God’s grace that prepares the ground for the seed, watering it, breaking up the clods, making even untilled ground fruitful. When we understand with our heart that this is God’s work in us, then even without understanding with our head, we can receive the word of God with the same joyful song of creation in bloom.

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