Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking ahead

This next weekend our confirmation youth are making a retreat. This is part of their preparation and formation so that they may be as ready as possible to open their hearts and lives to the power of the Holy Spirit in confirmation.

Did you know that priests are required by canon law to make a retreat each year so that they can continue to deepen their faith and vocational response to God.

What about married couples, and single people, and the divorced, and those who have lost a spouse or a child? Do they now have special spiritual needs? Though it is not possible to require them to make an annual retreat, would it not be beneficial and helpful for them to do so?

The youth, this weekend, are leading us by example. Everyone is encouraged to do the same in order to be refreshed, encouraged, strengthened, healed, graced and renewed in their faith.

— Father Perry D. Leiker,
parish administrator

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