Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Looking ahead

St. Bernard youth to attend World Youth Day Madrid 2011

This week, a group of 11 pilgrims from St. Bernard’s will be going to Madrid, Spain, for World Youth Day with Pope Benedict XVI. This pilgrimage is being made by thousands of youth from around the world.

What a blessing and opportunity for them to experience the church through the eyes of youth from every continent. Youth from everywhere go to spend a few days with our pope in prayer, at Eucharist, and singing their hearts out, praising God!

Many come home transformed. Some vocations are born during these days. Wonderful experiences occur that are never to be forgotten. Catholic youth become truly “Catholic,” that is, universal, because they experience the universal (Catholic) church joined together with our spiritual leader, Pope Benedict XVI.

Let’s keep them in prayer during these days. When they return, we will expect them to give us a brief sharing at our Sunday liturgies so that we can share a piece of their joy and faith.

— Father Perry D. Leiker,
parish administrator

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