Monday, March 5, 2012

Holy water. Where is it? Why isn’t it in the fonts at the doors? When is it coming back?

These questions were asked by many over this past weekend. St. Bernard Church (like many other parishes) is taking Lent seriously, even in little matters.

At the Easter vigil service, the new baptism water is solemnly blessed and welcomes our catechumen into the church. In order to appreciate the newly blessed water, many churches empty their fonts throughout the season of Lent. In this way, accompanying Jesus into the arid desert, we miss and, therefore, long for the waters of life – the waters of baptism.

The church is an expert in symbols and meaning. We celebrate when we don’t have something. We celebrate when we get it back! The call is for each of us, and all of us as church, to long for and await the life giving waters, newly blessed at Easter.

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