Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Treasures of Our Faith

The San Fernando Pastoral Region presents a new series of articles titled "Treasures of our Faith." The series is authored by Ryan Adams, one of the region's diaconate candidates and a member of the region's media team.

The first article explains why we stand for the entrance at the beginning of Mass.

Treasures of Our Faith: Why we stand at the beginning of Mass

By Ryan Adams

Greetings, brothers and sisters. As we go through this Year of Faith, each week we will take a journey together to deepen and rediscover our faith as Catholic Christians. We will take time to look at the rich traditions of our Church, we’ll look at what certain things signify and their symbolism, take time to answer some frequently asked questions and look at why we do certain things as Catholics.

We’ll start by looking at why we stand for the entrance at the beginning of Mass.

We stand to signify that something important is taking place; we take the posture of standing as a welcoming stance, as a greeting. When we are seated and someone walks in to see us, we stand up out of respect, out of friendship, to greet and welcome that person. This is what we are doing here during the entrance, at the start of the Mass. As Catholic Christians we believe that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist, however we also believe in our Lord's true presence in the word (the book of the Gospels), in the celebrant who acts in persona christi (in the person of Christ), as well as his presence in all of us, as a gathered community of the faithful during the Mass.

Let us remember that when we stand at the beginning of Mass, we do so to greet and welcome our Lord and savior into our midst.

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