Monday, April 22, 2013

Jesus calls us to help our neighbor without hesitation

Loretta Gerardo
By Loretta Gerardo
Special to St. Bernard

This has been stirring in my head now for a few days.

I am an avid listener of local and world news; and yes we, America, have had loads of horrific tragedies lately. I'm not saying we have not had tragedies in the past, but I have noticed that more Americans are stepping up and unselfishly running to these tragedies to help their fellow man and putting aside their own safety to aid and assist neighbors and strangers regardless of race, color or creed.

These heroic actions have not only put a smile in my heart but have reminded me of what Jesus has been telling all of us from the beginning: "Help thy neighbor" and "Love thy neighbor."

As I reflect on these words, I tell myself that Jesus did not wait for tragedies to occur to go help the needy, the poor, the downtrodden, those afflicted with pain and suffering, and the seen or unseen. So I want to personally say thank you to the unselfish human beings who are showing Jesus-like actions. Because of your unselfish and kind actions, I will live my days without hesitation to help my neighbor and to love my neighbor to the best of my ability.

I wonder, who out there agrees to do the same?

Loretta Gerardo is a former St. Bernard parishioner and student at St. Bernard Catholic School. She lives in Texas.

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