Thursday, July 18, 2013

Treasures of Our Faith

The San Fernando Pastoral Region presents a new series of articles titled “Treasures of our Faith.” The series is authored by Ryan Adams, one of the region’s diaconate candidates and a member of the region’s media team.

In his 12th article, Adams talks about Holy Communion.

By Ryan Adams

The priest prepares himself by a prayer, said quietly, that he may fruitfully receive Christ’s body and blood.

We, the faithful, should be doing the same, praying silently for that very same gift. The priest then, showing us, the faithful, the Eucharistic bread and the chalice, invites us to the banquet of Christ.

Receiving the body and blood of Christ is a very powerful moment for us; we sing a “communion” song, raising our voices in joy, love and thanksgiving for this gift we are receiving in the Lord. This also highlights the “communitarian” nature of us all walking up, singing in procession together to receive communion.

When the distribution of communion is finished, the priest and faithful spend some time in silence privately praying and meditating on this amazing gift we have just received. Then, to conclude the prayer of the people of God, the priest says the “Prayer After Communion” (closing prayer), in which he prays for the fruits of the mystery just celebrated which are now present within us.

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