Sunday, July 27, 2014

Looking Ahead

Father Perry D. Leiker
By Father Perry D. Leiker 

When Jesus speaks about the kingdom of heaven and God (clearly, a favorite topic for him) he uses incredibly simple, yet profound, images and examples to help us understand.

What is the kingdom of God? What is it like?  It doesn’t appear to be a specific place nor an easily defined reality. Rather, he speaks about our longings, our hopes, our deepest desires. He speaks about a willingness within us to sacrifice anything and everything for this kingdom.

God speaks to Solomon in the first reading and asks him: “Ask something of me and I will give it to you.” Solomon asks for “an understanding heart.” God delights in him for not asking for a long life, riches or power over his enemies, but for an understanding heart to help others distinguish what is right and wrong: wisdom!

What do we want from God? What is our answer to: “Ask something of me and I will give it to you”? 

Has the kingdom of God planted itself like a seed in our hearts? What is growing? It is good seed or weeds? Is anything rising up within us?

What is the kingdom of God? What is it like?

Father Perry D. Leiker is pastor of St. Bernard Church. Reach him at (323) 255-6142, Ext. 112, or email

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