Tuesday, June 7, 2016

St. Bernard Catholic School Class of 2016 Baccalaureate

During the baccalaureate ceremony, students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and exemplary character throughout the course of the school year will be conferred awards of merit. 

Let us acknowledge all the members of the Class of 2016 who, through their continued effort, now stand before the community of St. Bernard Catholic School as individuals of faith, academic excellence, and who are committed to service.

As the graduating Class of 2016 completes its final steps into the next chapter of their journey of faith, may you, O Lord, send down your spirit and consecrate the hearts and minds of all those present here.

May we continue to rejoice and be inspired by the accomplishments of all of your graduates.

St. Bernard Catholic School Class of 2016 baccalaureate ceremony

St. Bernard Catholic School Class of 2016 students share their thoughts on graduation, life, and academic achievement.

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